My advice 2 straight girls who think girls are cool and cute and attractive in any way: consider bein bi. Consider………loving girls and that’s it that’s all u gotta do just give it a chance &have a good time

and to straight guys..?????

i dont give advice to straight guys. i avoid speaking to or interacting with straight guys at all, instead i love and respect myself 

Well that’s a little


Anonymous asked:

I would actually like to thank you for calling joshpeck out.... i mean, he reblogs some thing i can ignore, but dehumanising males, like that they are all rapists and shit, while being male? I dont know but thanks.

lunar-gypsy answered:

joshpeck is actually just a dumb 17 year old girl on the blog haha. It’s just stupid because she, like so many feminists, are like “our definition says we stand for equality,” yet all their actions show they really don’t give a shit about gender equality since most are crazy misandrists. Don’t want people to generalize or demean women? Well don’t do it to men either. And don’t get me started on the rape culture hysteria bullshit. It’s all based on myths and skewed/biased studies or statistics that aren’t an accurate representation of victims or perpetrators. When people are that wrong or stupid, they need to be told.


alright so i stopped reading after the first sentence because guess what…i’m a boy! isn’t that wild? no, really i am! here’s me:


(i’m reflecting upon how one person can be so stupid)

the fact that you can’t figure out that i am a boy and not a girl while it is plastered all over my blog just goes to show how incompetent you truly are

stop sending yourself anons, nobody agrees with you and nobody will ever agree with you